What Cake Matches Your Personality?

What Cake Matches Your Personality?

  1. You got: Carrot Cake

    You carry yourself with a strong presence and never back down when someone voices an unjust opinion. You are wholesome and also have the epitome of power.

  2. You got: Red Velvet Cake

    You have an edge to you that no one can quite figure out. You enjoy being a mysterious individual who stands out amongst the other cookie cutter wannabes.

  3. You got: Devil

    You are quite devilish, but you didn

  4. You got: Vanilla Cake

    You have a refined, classic taste and are universally loved for your ability to have a good time no matter where you are. Despite being vanilla, there

  5. You got: Lemon Cake

    You are known for your non-filtered attitude. You like to say what

  6. You got: Banana Cake

    People often feel comfort and security when you