Why is C so
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1. Question Of The Year

Question Of The Year

Seriously, why is the drive you store things on your computer always labled C?

2. Sucky Storage

Sucky Storage

Well back when computers were first created, their storage sucked. There used to be only a few kilobytes, but now there are 500 gigabytes or 1 terabyte!

3. The Floppy

The Floppy

Enter the almighty floppy disk, to help save data externally.

4. Labeling


The drives that could be added to your computer were labled A and B

5. Bye Bye Floppy

Bye Bye Floppy

But then everyone realized how prehistoric floppy disks were, so they were discontinued...but the A & B drives remained in the computers.

6. Sticking Around

Sticking Around

Hence why you still see drive C on your computer...the ghost of the floppy disk lives on!


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