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1. What Happens in College...

What Happens in College...

We all make drunken decisions in college that we have to live with for the rest of our life. Or maybe Coke has found its newest advertisement vehicle, hot ladies' backs.

2. The Two Breasted Salute

The Two Breasted Salute

"I don't usually drink anything but Natural Light, but when I do I drink Coca Cola."

3. Coke as Weight Gaining Supplement

Coke as Weight Gaining Supplement

If drinking Coke is what got this beauty the upper body physique of Arnold Schwarzenegger then sign me up for 5 cases.

4. The Finest Things in Life

The Finest Things in Life

This guy created a whole daydream on his arm, and we are thankful he gave us something pretty to look at beside that glorious side boob.

5. Refreshment is Just an Arm Chug Away

Refreshment is Just an Arm Chug Away

This ink is cool and all but this guy's friends definitely wish he would just carry a 2-liter around in his backpack instead of a mini-bottle on his arm.

6. ...She's Got a Twin!

...She's Got a Twin!

When the very eligible looking lady in the bar started brandishing the Coca Cola tat on her right forearm, you knew you were going to get lucky. The only thing that could make this night better is...a sister with the matching tattoo, every man's dream.

7. Grab Life by the Bottle

Grab Life by the Bottle

This has to be the most life-like of all of the Coca-Cola tattoos you will see, but the way the orange-tint of the hand matches this guy's beard perfectly is what really caught our eye.

8. The Amateur Sketch

The Amateur Sketch

Some people let their kids color in coloring books, others even let them write on the walls. Not many people have the balls to let their child design their tattoo.

9. Coke that Bites

Coke that Bites

It is hard to tell whether this is an attempt at showing the side of the Coke bottle cap or some new Coke-themed throwing star, but either way that thing isn't going anywhere.

10. I Did It For the Taste

I Did It For the Taste

I wonder if this was one of those flavored tattoos, because if it was Cherry Coke was definitely the right choice. If I can have one drink on a deserted island for the rest of my life, it's Cherry Coke.


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