These tattoos are really other-world

1. Real Bug

Real Bug

This bug will take your breath away. It looks stunning real

2. Heart on Fire

Heart on Fire

Extremely realistic and beautifully done tattoo

3. Magnifying Glass

Magnifying Glass

We love the 3D-effect on this tattoo

4. Peel Off Map

Peel Off Map

Freaky and realistic

5. The Brain On Switch

The Brain On Switch

When coffee isn't available this person will always have their switch set to on. The big question here is who is paying their power bill when all they spend their money on is ink and neopsorin (for the fresh tat).

6. Surreal?


A surreal scene plays out in his head

7. The SLR


Every been somewhere when something awesome happens and you don't have a camera? Well this young lady will NEVER have that problem again. The only question is how does she change the film?

8. Man Or Machine?

Man Or Machine?

Hard to tell

9. The Double Hulk

The Double Hulk

You know you've thought about getting this one down. Come on, don't lie....everyone has. Sure, nearly every inked punk has a tattoo of Hulk Hogan, but we all know they couldn't handle what they REALLY wanted-the DOUBLE HULK HOGAN. One day someone might be tough enough to try the triple...nah, never mind...that's impossible.

10. The Proof of Passage

The Proof of Passage

This young man must have had a ton of trouble with customs not believing he was who he said he was in his passport. Too bad they aren't gonna fall for that old gag. "Yeah, sure buddy, we're supposed to trust you now that you have this fake passport tattooed on your back?". Still, it's a pretty clever idea.


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