Do you sleep really close to your lover, or on opposite sides of the bed? Do you spoon or lay back to back? What does your partner prefe

1. The Cliff Hanger

The Cliff Hanger Sleeping on opposite sides of the bed, often facing outwards. Signals distance in the relationship, or if it's seldom, the couple just needs a good night sleep.

2. The Crab

The Crab Various position in the bed, not touching. Signals issues in relationship where one partner needs space and the other needs more intimacy.

3. Shingles

Shingles Man on back, female on back, resting head in crevice of man's shoulder. Woman dependent on man.

4. Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk Face To Face not touching. Need for one on one contact and conversation.

5. Hollywood

Hollywood Man on back, woman laying head on man's chest. New relationship.

6. Lover's Knot

Lover's Knot Face to face, legs intertwined for 10 minutes, or until couple falls asleep. Loving independence, intimacy, sexual activity.

7. Spoon Male Inside

Spoon Male Inside Man needs love and nurturing.

8. Spoon Female Inside

Spoon Female Inside Male is loving and protective.

9. Cherish

Cherish Back to back touching. Comfortable, intimate, relaxed.

10. Liberty

Liberty Back to back, not touching. Connected yet independent.


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