Full Body Tattoos

Bodies used as art
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11. Isobel Varley

Isobel Varley

Born in 1937 England, Varley became and remains the most Tattooed Senior Woman with Guinness World Book of Records, in 2000. She's at least tattooed 76% of her body alongside a few piercings. What's wonderful is that Varley always wears a joyful smile!

12. Couple's Contagion

Couple's Contagion

If your partner was covered in tats, it makes sense that you might join in, maybe even get inked together. Conversations would revolve around designs and you could do research and collaborate on ideas. Sounds pretty awesome!

13. The Lizardman: Eric Sprague

The Lizardman: Eric Sprague

The Lizardman, is a freak show performer and musician. He sports sharpened teeth, full-body tattoos of green scales, bifurcated tongue, subdermal implants. Rumor is that his pursuit of a tail implant was impossible, he'll just need to wait to see what technology brings.

14. Symbols and Meanings

Symbols and Meanings

Yeah.. sometimes "A Rose is Just a Rose," but the dominance of the color black used for symbols here, allows them to stand out like landmarks on a map. Surely these pictures or images tell an interesting story.

15. Intriguingly Asymmetric

Intriguingly Asymmetric

At times, a full body tattoo is a design just on the chest and hands or a leg and arms. Actually it's refreshing to see the contrast of bare skin next to large swaths of ink. It allows you to catch your breath in-between the colored images and patterns, not to mention she's pretty glam!

16. Dylan Richter: Musician Singer

Dylan Richter: Musician Singer

The recently departed vocalist of rock band, Fallen Dreams is from Detroit, Michigan. In an video interview he mentions he has most of his body tattooed, but he'll never ink his face. We hope he'll stay true to his word, it would be a shame to cover it up!

17. The Over-Flowing Cornucopia

The Over-Flowing Cornucopia

The vibrant color of ink pops here and your eyes don't know where to look first! It could take a couple of hours just to examine it all. Check-out the hand holding the vegetables on her shin and the amazing turquoise and blue sleeve on her forearm up to her wrist! Sweet!

18. The Enigma: Paul Lawrence

The Enigma: Paul Lawrence

Paul Lawrence is a sideshow performer, actor, and musician. He wife, Katzen also wears a full body tattoo of tiger stripes, together they make a striking couple! He's covered in blue jigsaw-puzzle pieces, but also he's a hybrid of horn implants, ear reshaping and multiple body piercings.

19. Japanese Yakuza Tattoo

Japanese Yakuza Tattoo

Yakuza are organized crime members stemming from Japan. Their signifying tattoos were illegal so they're designed to hide under clothing. While tattooing was prevalent with the men, it's now more common to see the wives, mistresses, and daughters of the affiliated just as tattooed.

20. His Stage Name: Soulja Boy II

His Stage Name: Soulja Boy II

The successful teen rapper has covered his entire body from his "head to toe" with tat style. The designs are mostly made with black ink, and there's a lot of storytelling symbols amongst the italics. Since this image was taken, Soulja Boy announced on Twitter that he's removed his face tats. Yeah Soulja Boy, show off that pretty face!