D1T - Get Down - (Official Music Video)

D1T - Get Down (Official Music Video)

D1T - Get Down (Official Music Video) Single can be stream on all major streaming platforms and downloaded at all major retail stores.


Me, Myself D1T Spotify Playlist Link


D1T | Da’ #1 Trend is a Pop/Rap music artist unleashing his genius versatile multi talent to the world.D1T is a independent artist / producer/song writer from the Dirty South that writes genuine party, pop and rap music. D1T loves working with other upcoming artist and established artists. D1T has multiple sponsorships with various entities, followers on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and a full length album titled "Me, Myself D1T" coming soon.D1T goal is to make music that allow people to get away from their everyday problems for a moment and relax and jam to his pop or rap music created for everyone old, young, and in between.

D1T - Get Down (Official Music Video)