Exploring Joyful Learning at a British Nursery in Dubai: The Tappy Toes Experience

When it comes to early childhood education, experts agree that play-based learning is the most effective way to engage children's natural curiosity, foster their creativity, and develop their social and cognitive skills.

 In Dubai, parents can access various nurseries with educational philosophies and approaches. One of the most successful and beloved British nurseries in Dubai is Tappy Toes, which has gained a reputation for its joyful and holistic approach to learning. 

Joyful Learning: The Core of Tappy Toes' Philosophy

Tappy Toes is a British nursery in Dubai that follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum, recognised globally as a gold standard for early education. However, what sets Tappy Toes apart is its commitment to joyful learning, which permeates every aspect of its programs. 

Creative and Inspiring Learning Spaces

Tappy Toes' classrooms are designed to be inviting, stimulating, and flexible. The furniture and equipment are child-sized, and the walls are decorated with colourful displays of the children's work and interests. The outdoor areas are also carefully planned to provide opportunities for exploration, physical activity, and imaginative play.

Play-based learning

Tappy Toes' educators use play as a vehicle for learning, recognising that children learn best when active and engaged. They provide various materials and activities encouraging children to explore, experiment, and express themselves. For example, the nursery has a dedicated art room, a sensory room, and a music and movement area designed to stimulate children's creativity and curiosity.

Individualised learning

Tappy Toes British nursery in Dubai has experienced educators who believe every child has unique learning styles and needs. They provide personalised attention and support to each child, observing and documenting their progress and adjusting their activities and interventions accordingly. They also work closely with parents to ensure their children's learning journey is coherent and consistent across home and school.

Holistic development

Tappy Toes British nursery in Dubai recognises that children's learning is not limited to academic skills but includes social, emotional, and physical development. They provide opportunities for children to develop their social skills by interacting with their peers and teachers, their emotional skills by expressing and regulating their feelings, and their physical skills by engaging in gross and fine motor activities.

Positive reinforcement

At Tappy Toes, educators use positive reinforcement techniques to encourage children's good behaviour and achievements. Praising and rewarding children for their efforts and progress creates a supportive and nurturing atmosphere where children feel valued and respected. The goal is to instil empowerment, appreciation, and inspiration in every child who attends Tappy Toes.

Why Parents Choose Tappy Toes British Nursery in Dubai 

Parents who choose Tappy Toes for their children's early education do so for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Quality and safety: Tappy Toes is a licensed British nursery in Dubai that follows strict health and safety protocols to ensure the well-being of the children. The nursery also employs qualified, experienced educators trained in child development and safeguarding.

  • Reputation: Tappy Toes has built a strong reputation in Dubai as a reliable, caring, and effective nursery. Many parents have recommended it to their friends and family, and it has received positive reviews on social media and other platforms.

  • Flexibility: Tappy Toes offers flexible programs catering to working parents' needs. It has full-day and half-day options and extended hours for parents who need longer hours. This flexibility allows parents to balance work and family commitments without compromising their children's education.

  • British education: Tappy Toes follows the British EYFS curriculum, known for its high standards and comprehensive approach to early learning. Parents who value the British education system and want their children to have a strong foundation for their future education choose Tappy Toes.

  • Joyful learning: The most compelling reason parents choose Tappy Toes is its commitment to joyful learning. Parents want their children to be happy, curious, and confident learners and Tappy Toes delivers on this promise. 


Tappy Toes is a British nursery in Dubai that offers a unique and effective approach to early childhood education. By prioritising joyful learning, individualised attention, and holistic development, Tappy Toes creates an environment where children thrive and parents feel confident they receive the best possible start. If you are looking for a nursery that combines quality, flexibility, and joy, Tappy Toes may be the right choice for you and your child.

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