How Trade Finance Instruments Help My Business Grow?

Check out how a range of global trade finance instruments, from Letters of Credit to Bank Guarantee, Export finance to Factoring, can help your global business growth.

The sound availability of finance is vital for the smooth operations of business activities. Organizations that heavily rely on the global supply chain, require a constant and comfortable level of liquidity to cater to their daily working capital requirements. 

No matter what size your business is, you could run a small business importing products/materials from overseas, or multinational organizations importing-exporting a huge stock of inventory globally. 

Unfortunately, obtaining the desired level of liquidity is not easy for most businesses, considering an immense portion of business capital is stuck in its inventory, or worse, confined to a string of invoices that are yet to be paid. 

This is where the concept of trade finance comes into the picture. Regardless of your company’s size and position within a supply chain, there are companies offering import-export financing solutions, designed to help you grow. Here, we’ll learn about different types of trade finance instruments illustrating help you:

What is Trade Finance?

Setting up a business, watching it develop, and taking it globally is a tough & daunting process. Here, finances play a crucial part. 

Trade finance service is simply the financial assistance provided by banks or FIs to facilitate uninterrupted import-export of goods in international trade. A plethora of trade finance products is available for global importers & exporters to select from.

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