Animal Photobomb

Funny pictures with animals that just HA

1. Shhh...


This dog looks like he is about to sneak up on these people and scare them. Those are some shifty eyes, don't you agree?

2. Don't Mind Me...

Don't Mind Me...

This was a perfectly set up shot, with the background cat almost modeling. She was doing everything right, not looking at the camera and then BAM! out of nowhere comes the stretchy cat.

3. Hey There

Hey There

This llama is looking fierce for the camera, almost asking "Does my hair look ok?" The only thing that would make this picture better would be a wink.

4. Winning Horse

Winning Horse

That one right there is going to win. You heard it from the horse's mouth. Now... where do I need to be again?

5. Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek

Shhhh, don't tell the goose where I am. I am merely just hitching a ride, walking to the pond can be so difficult on Mondays...

6. Me Me Me!

Me Me Me!

This kitty is almost screaming "Pay Attention to Me!". The dog in the background is asleep anyways, so its probably for the best that the kitty got in the shot.

7. Look at me Smile

Look at me Smile

This dog completely disregarded the other dog in the pen and hogged the camera. We must admit though, he does seem very happy that he is the center of attention.

8. Can I Be in the Pic?

Can I Be in the Pic?

This very intrigued little puppy was probably wondering what the camera was. Good thing there was no flash used, otherwise it would have been a dazed puppy!

9. Can I Help You?

Can I Help You?

This giraffe seems like it came out of nowhere, but it looks so helpful. It is just waiting for an request.

10. Excuse You...

Excuse You...

This bird just HAD to stroll by, with a very casual air about it. The expression on the bird in the background is just priceless.