How To Have Fun at Work

Hilariously bored people o

1. The Office Kitchen

The Office Kitchen

A simple and clever joke that'll score points, yet won't get you into trouble. Brilliant.

2. Kool-Aid & Water Cooler

Kool-Aid & Water Cooler

Ugh, who drinks Kool-Aid these days? As everyone walks around with purple lips, you'll NEVER hear the end of it!

3. You'll Die Someday

You'll Die Someday

Could this be an important message from the boss of things to come?

4. Who's Da King?

Who's Da King?

Let's just hope he or she's the boss?

5. When You See It..

When You See It..

Never mind "Where's Waldo?". . . There's no reason why gardening has to be all about hard labor, right?

6. We Be Jammin Mon..

We Be Jammin Mon..

Everyone, everyday is bound to see this uplifting reminder.

7. Computer Notes EVERYWHERE!

Computer Notes EVERYWHERE!

So you always forget these computer shortcuts? Never EVER again!

8. Exploding Boss' Golf Ball

Exploding Boss' Golf Ball

Omg, hope he found that amusing? . . The cleaners likely didn't.

9. 'He-Man Sings'

'He-Man Sings'

Who knows, the absurd funniness of this might've helped sales. . . if not, surely it helped the sales team memorize this song?

10. Suddenly This..

Suddenly This..

The best way to lift spirits so high that work magically won't feel like work, because it won't be..