Animals Are Total Jerks!

Animals can be cute but also totally rude, awkward, and unpleasant. And they

1. Animals are Jerks

Animals are Jerks

We may love our pets and visits to the zoo, but check out this gallery to see why some of your favorite creatures aren't always as great as you thought they were.

2. Yum, a face!

Yum, a face!

Tgis little girl is now traumatized thanks to a large animal tongue.

3. Penguin Rivalry

Penguin Rivalry

Some penguins just like their space.

4. Glass Saves Lives

Glass Saves Lives

This baby seems totally oblivious to the fact that a lioness is swatting at him, but thank goodness he's protected from this jerky creature.

5. Roomba Cat

Roomba Cat

This cat, dressed as a shark (probably not of its own volition) is chasing a duck that can't seem to get away fast enough . . .

6. Hummingbird Fight

Hummingbird Fight

We think of hummingbirds as pleasant and lovely creatures, but this proves that stereotype incorrect.

7. Roomba Cat Strikes Again

Roomba Cat Strikes Again

So now cats are using machines for pure evil?! This dog is sadly defenseless.

8. Big Bad Cat

Big Bad Cat

This kitty is so happy and content in her top hat, until the big bad cat has to come knock it off.

9. Head Stander

Head Stander

Just one seagull on top of another. Typical.

10. Animals are jerks...

Animals are jerks...

But so are people! We're just waiting for a movie called "Mean Animals" to come out....