Animals Stuck in Funny Places

Animals stuck i

1. A Savior in Ducky

A Savior in Ducky

We don't know how this happened.. but looks to us to be a swimming pool trap for this little mouse. Don't worry, never fear Ducky's here!

2. Figuring a Way Out

Figuring a Way Out

Mom always said to eat your bread whole and never leave the crust! This Pigeon will just have to have another Pigeon eat that bread crust off him.

3. Falling Through the Cracks

Falling Through the Cracks

Brand new leather seats can sometimes be so slippery you have to be careful not to slip down the crack. Seriously.. that must be a big crack!

4. Urban Goats

Urban Goats

Goats are infamous for being curious and they're natural climbers, but these little guys are in real trouble. Evidently a crane had to save them 60 feet above a busy highway!

5. There's Nothing Like a Hound Turtle

There's Nothing Like a Hound Turtle

Just another fun day for exploring. Why not use a chair stool and pretend to be a turtle? Does this color look good on me?

6. A Hedgehog's Tunnel Vision

A Hedgehog's Tunnel Vision

They say he had tunnel vision but actually he always knew how to look ahead. Just point your nose forward and move through life one step at a time.

7. How did that happen?

How did that happen?

We can't even begin to figure this one out?! It looks crazy dangerous.. that poor goat is lucky he hasn't been electrocuted... yet!

8. Just Another Day on the Farm

Just Another Day on the Farm

When cows get bored grazing in the pastures, they hijack kid's toys and wear them as masks. The other cow, "are you kidding me?"

9. Mouse Trap

Mouse Trap

Surely it's not intentional but wouldn't this make an excellent humane mouse trap? Just release the critter down the street.

10. Photographer: William Wegman

Photographer: William Wegman

The photographer William Wegman is an owner and lover of Weimaraners. He shoots them in various costumes and poses. We just hope this one isn't a "set-up".. poor pup!