Animals that Love School

These animals aren't only super adorable - they also mean busi

1. The Dog who had to Advance

The Dog who had to Advance

This puppy was so intelligent that he had to be moved up to senior level because he found classes way too easy! We think he's an Einstein!

2. The Cat who Loves Current Affairs

The Cat who Loves Current Affairs

This cat has no problem keeping up with the current affairs and latest international news. She has subscriptions to more than ten newspapers!

3. The Cat who has done all of her Readings

The Cat who has done all of her Readings

This cat never fails to complete her long list of readings for every class, and even has enough spare time to read her favorite author, Haruki Murakami.

4. Presentation-loving Turtle

Presentation-loving Turtle

This turtle loves making presentations and always gets an A plus for his assignments! He's just a little shy sometimes when speaking in front of the class.

5. The Research Buff

The Research Buff

This dog is a professional at researching for projects and fixing computer problems for many of his fellow students and even teachers!

6. The Cat Tutor

The Cat Tutor

This cat loves school so much, that when it's over for the day she spends her time tutoring statues how to read! She says they're the perfect students because they never talk...

7. Sudoku-loving Kitty

Sudoku-loving Kitty

When this kitten isn't sitting in math class, she loves to spend her spare time doing Sudoku and working out math problems.

8. Lecture-loving Cat

Lecture-loving Cat

The favorite part of this cat's day is learning a new topic in her morning lecture. She's super smart and almost always knows the answer to any question asked!

9. Tech-loving Rabbit

Tech-loving Rabbit

This rabbit loves keeping up with the latest technology, and he's the go-to guy for project research and information.

10. The Dog who is off to Harvard

The Dog who is off to Harvard

This pooch applied himself at school so much that he just found out he's going to Harvard next year! He must have studied very hard!