Paddle Boarder Sees HUGE Mass Swim Beneath Him. What Happens Next Leaves Him ‘FREAKED’

What would you do if this was

1. A Beautiful Day To Be Out On The Water

A Beautiful Day To Be Out On The Water

Luke Reilly decided to paddle board on a beautiful day in New Zealand, when he suddenly saw a shadow appear underneath him...

2. Orca's Spotted

Orca's Spotted

Luke was told a few killer whales had been spotted close to shore, so he grabbed his GoPro and headed out to capture it. When he got out in the water, a few Orca whales were hunting stingrays RIGHT BENEATH HIM!

3. A Little Nibble

A Little Nibble

“I was a bit nervous, thinking, ‘What’s this guy going to do?'” he said. The Orca began swim behind him, biting his board a few times! I yelled, "What are you doing?!"

4. Stalking His Prey

Stalking His Prey

The whale began to follow Luke, checking to see if he was food for the taking! But he eventually became disinterested and swam off! Luke is one lucky guy...