When Her Son Desperately Needed A Friend, Mom Burst Into Tears When She Saw The Dog’s Reaction

This is why they're mans be
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1. Baby Hernan

Baby Hernan

Hernan is not like other children his age, as he suffers from down syndrome since birth. But one member of his family always makes sure he's not alone.

2. Himalaya


Hernan doesn't seem to be in the mood for playing with his dog Himalaya

3. What's Wrong?

What's Wrong?

So a confused Himalaya begins to check on him, seeing what exactly is wrong.

4. Cheer Up Buddy

Cheer Up Buddy

But with persistence, Himalaya gets Hernan to warm up...

5. A Loving Friend

A Loving Friend

Hernan begins to realize why his dog is there, and shows him a little tough love. But this is why dogs truly are mans best friend!