10 Parking Jobs Hilariously Owned by Karma

Some people just have to lear
Via: Likes.com

1. Two Spaces

Two Spaces

This guy thought taking two spaces would give him more room. Wrong!

2. Boots


Taking up multiple spaces means getting multiple boots.

3. Message


What line did he think he was parking in?

4. Red Zone

Red Zone

This is what happens when you park next to a fire hydrant.

5. Multiple Spaces

Multiple Spaces

Party time in parking lot C.

6. Car Cuddles

Car Cuddles

What an unlikely friendship.

7. Two Parking Spaces

Two Parking Spaces

This guy is a problem solver.

8. Just For You

Just For You

A customized parking spot.

9. Left Overs

Left Overs

This guys car will stay fresh for days.

10. On Top

On Top

Who needs doors when you have a convertible.