Instant Justice

These people got exactly what they deserved, but you still can't help but fe

1. Hat Grabber

Hat Grabber

This guy thought he'd be slick, but he got just what he deserved.

2. In a Hurry, Are We?

In a Hurry, Are We?

He thought he'd get there faster, but sorting out that mistake must have taken quite a while.

3. Tray Tricks

Tray Tricks

First you feel bad for the guy who fell, but he probably had a few words (and fists) with this guy after.

4. Front Porch Sledding

Front Porch Sledding

Let this be a lesson to all of you about how slippery, icy surfaces work. No cat throwing for you, sir!

5. Milk Slide

Milk Slide

What did this guy expect to happen? Seriously, what was the best case scenario of this in his head?

6. Bird Bowling

Bird Bowling

Who does this guy think he is; Dennis the Menace? Hope your laptop and phone were in there, buddy.

7. Taxi Terror

Taxi Terror

This guy is a menace on the road, but don't worry folks. Something tells us he won't be a cabbie much longer.

8. Dog Lover

Dog Lover

This guy might have seriously hurt that poor dog if it had fallen into that fast-flowing water. What a jerk.

9. Bully Balls

Bully Balls

Let that be a lesson to these bullies: you get exactly what you deserve when you treat people horribly.

10. The Red and the Blue

The Red and the Blue

We all know what those flashing lights mean when they're behind us. Time for this guy to stop driving like such a tool.