Life: You're Doing It Wrong

Some people just

1. Has A Girlfriend

Has A Girlfriend

Would rather play video games.

2. Squatting


Ummmm... The bench goes the other way.

3. Backwards


And upsidedown.

4. Bareback


She gives new meaning to riding bareback.

5. The Biebs

The Biebs

He's got it all wrong.

6. Snorting Coke

Snorting Coke

You got the wrong stuff bud.

7. Great Bicep Strength

Great Bicep Strength

How long can he do that?

8. Ready, Aim, Fire

Ready, Aim, Fire

Ooops you shot yourself in the foot.

9. Stripper Dance

Stripper Dance

This woman looks like she's practicing for her night job.

10. Spotting


Get a room.