Next-Level Texting Trolls

Trolling is not for everybody, but practically everyone can apprec

1. Mah Boob

Mah Boob

The man, the legend, Mahboob.

2. The Nonsensical Troll

The Nonsensical Troll

At very few points in this conversation did the troll actually make any sense, but he kept the person on the other end responding. That is the art of the troll.

3. The Answer is No

The Answer is No

This person lives for others' disappointment. Couldn't you tell?

4. I LOVE U2!


The difference between professing your love for your girlfriend as opposed to the band led by Bono is just a matter of hitting the space bar.

5. The Turd Whale

The Turd Whale

Sending someone a picture of the log you freshly delivered to the toilet bowl is troll behavior, no matter how much that turd truly does look like a whale.

6. Trolling the Beliebers

Trolling the Beliebers

There is no more person more ripe for the trolling than a Belieber. They are SO infatuated with the Biebs that they would willingly fall into a troll trap if they thought it meant a chance to meet Justin.

7. Flip the Script

Flip the Script

When you begin to get the sneaking suspicion that you are being trolled, simply flip the script, as seen here.

8. Check Yourself Before You Troll Yourself

Check Yourself Before You Troll Yourself

HA! GOT YA! I'm not on a tropical sandy beach in the Bahamas, I'm stuck in my room watching Netflix re-runs! Sucker!

9. Dad Schools Son

Dad Schools Son

This is what fathers are for. To show their sons and daughters the ropes. Not just when it comes to wearing protection, but also when it comes to trolling.

10. The Grammar Chief

The Grammar Chief

There is nothing worse than a grammar Nazi. Oh wait, yes there is. A trolling grammar Nazi...