The Funniest Tweets of This Week (Feb 22nd)

See how far you can get without laughin

1. Worst. Cheetos. Ever.

Worst. Cheetos. Ever.

Let me see that bag . . .

2. Growing Up With the Internet

Growing Up With the Internet

Kids today have it too easy, remember when we had no one to talk to besides our parents?

3. Seems Legit

Seems Legit

If the plane crashes, just go into BEAST MODE and rip the door off with your gargantuan strength!

4. Smart Husband

Smart Husband

Something about hitting your wife with a rolled-up newspaper just doesn't seem right.

5. Why There Are No Spider Shows

Why There Are No Spider Shows

This is literally something out of my nightmares.

6. Pretty Much

Pretty Much

All every aluminum balloon aspires to do is kill a bird.

7. Kinda True

Kinda True

Pokemon is actually really f*cked up . . .

8. Guilty Pleasure

Guilty Pleasure

I kinda like cole's slaw . . . it's so American!

9. Astronaut Jokes

Astronaut Jokes

Just a little topical humor for you this week.