The Truth About Dating

Those who know the truth about d

1. Mixed Messages

Mixed Messages

We know dating is complicated and messages can get mixed up, but is this chick serious?

2. Certified Stalker

Certified Stalker

This chick is hot, but there is nothing hot about a Stage 5 Clinger.

3. Michael Scott: Dating Guru

Michael Scott: Dating Guru

If Michael Scott from The Office knows one thing, it is pain. Not coincidentally, he knows the dating world pretty well.

4. Every Queen Finds Her King

Every Queen Finds Her King

If you are wondering where all those good, wholesome men are hiding, it may be time for some honest self-evaluation.

5. 2 True

2 True

The Dos Equis guy has all kinds of valuable advice on dating. This is not only spot-on, it is true for all self-respecting men.

6. Dating 101

Dating 101

If you are not talking future on the first date, you are not serious enough for this chick. Next!

7. The GREAT Looking Curse

The GREAT Looking Curse

Those Hemsworth brothers, what a tough life they live. Flashing smiles, getting laid. It really is quite exhausting.

8. This Won't End Well

This Won't End Well

Dating Tip: Although she is hot, keep away, She WILL bench press your ass.

9. Online Dating: Expectation Is Not Reality

Online Dating: Expectation Is Not Reality

Oh, the Internet. The home for lies, fabrications, and misinformation the world over. Why wouldn't we use it to find a hubby?

10. Dating Logic

Dating Logic

Rule number one of dating: the woman is always right. Always.