When You See It: Sports Edition!

Take time, look closely,
Via: Likes.com

1. Someone's Lurking

Someone's Lurking

Don't see it? Look into the light . . .

2. In The Ballpark

In The Ballpark

She's making sure he brought his cup too. . . just in case.

3. Dress Code

Dress Code

"What? But coach said no pants, so I did no pants."

4. Distraction Tactics

Distraction Tactics

"Shoot it in here, bro. . . I'm ready for yah!"

5. An Ole Friend..

An Ole Friend..

You know how to play this game. Find him.

6. A Pirate Fan

A Pirate Fan

"Arrrr". . . There is a time traveler here.

7. Cheer Followers

Cheer Followers

"What? I was just checking out her form."

8. Use The Force

Use The Force

Perhaps a friend of Derek Fisher? He did start his career "a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away."

9. These Twins

These Twins

Do you think America is gonna win? Yay or neigh?

10. Alien Visitors

Alien Visitors

Sometimes you keep your eye on the ball, sometimes the ball keeps its eyes on you