Disney-Inspired Fashion Looks

Taking a look at 15 outfits ins
Via: Likes.com

1. Donald Duck

Donald Duck

One of Walt Disney's most-beloved and recognized characters gets a fashion ode with a nautical twist--right down to the duck-feet shoes.

2. Beauty And The Beast

Beauty And The Beast

Inspired by Belle's signature gold ballgown, this cute dress-and-heels ensemble can work for both day and night.

3. Peter Pan

Peter Pan

Feeling a little flighty? A green romper or tights is the perfect way to sport your love for Peter Pan, while still feeling girly.

4. The Evil Queen

The Evil Queen

Before she changed into an old hag in order to poison Snow White, the Queen was the height of evil elegance. What better way to channel her look than with dark-hued dresses and tights, statement boots, and a pop of color with mustard yellow accessories.

5. Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

Of all the "Sleeping Beauty"-inspired outfits out there, we particularly like this ensemble, with a neckline reminiscent of Princess Aurora's color-changing gown.

6. Tinkerbell


Peter Pan's pixie pal has been inspiring fashion for years. This spring, slip into a forest green dress and gold-embellished ballet flats. Feeling extra inspired? Add blingy jewelry and extra pixie dust--er, gold glitter.

7. Pocahontas


Fringe boots might be the ultimate Pocahontas-inspired accessory. But to really channel this Disney heroine, pair a nude dress with unique details and cut-outs with eye-catching turquoise jewelry.

8. Jafar Power Suit

Jafar Power Suit

With structured blazers and colorful, billowing trousers on trend for spring, there's no better time to pull together an "Aladdin"-inspired outfit.

9. Captain Hook

Captain Hook

The best outfit inspired by Peter Pan's arch nemesis pairs a bright red trench coat with leather statement heels, and a few feathers for your hair just for fun.

10. Cruella DeVille

Cruella DeVille

To successfully dress like the villainesse from Disney's "101 Dalmatians"--without looking like you're wearing a Halloween costume--stick to a versatile black dress and modest faux-fur jacket. (Red gloves optional.)