Disney's Miserable Ever After

Canadian photographer Dina Goldstein has produced a conceptual series called Fallen Princesses. It depicts fair
Via: Likes.com

1. Snow White

Snow White

This probably isn't really what Snow White had in mind when she woke up to Prince Charming. Four kids, a lazy husband and a dump in the 'burbs. At least those annoying dwarves aren't around.

2. Pocahontas


Ah, a crazy old cat lady with too many crazy old cats. Loneliness will do that to a woman. Apparently, John Smith never returned. How sad.

3. Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

Aurora is still sleeping after all of these years and Prince Phillip isn't looking his best. Get that man a respirator before he keels over!

4. Jasmine


Remember the days when you were flying around on a rug with a blue genie? Yeah, us either. Good thing you learned how to wield a machine gun.

5. Belle


This would never have been necessary if he had remained in Beast form. Looks like that face is getting stretched now!

6. Princess Pea

Princess Pea

Well, that might keep the rats away. Your beloved Despereaux ended up under one of those steel wheel rollers, didn't he.

7. Ariel


This aquarium totally has to be in Vegas. Because what does every big artist do when they get old and don't feel like touring anymore? They get a residency in Vegas.

8. Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

No more wolves. No reason to run... or get any physical activity. And obviously, there's now a McDonald's on the edge of that forest as well.

9. Rapunzel


Well, there's nothing funny about cancer. So we're just going to leave this one alone.

10. Cinderella


We doubt Cinderella's Fairy Godmother is going to get her out of this hole. One of those leery old dudes at the next table are probably willing to help in one way or another, though.