10 Hilarious Life Hacks For Lazy People

Sometimes lounging on the couch all day just isn't easy enough. Life for couch potatoes is about to get
Via: Likes.com

1. Nap Hack

Nap Hack

If your top two fears don't include suffocating to death under a scarf or dying of public embarrassment, this is a great way to take a nap on a train.

2. Beer Hack

Beer Hack

Here the patron saint of laziness demonstrates how to enjoy your beer when it's too cold to get your arms out of the blanket.

3. Birthday Hack

Birthday Hack

"Haapy birthdaay too -- you know how the rest of the song goes. I'm going back to the couch."

4. Window Hack

Window Hack

Don't try this at home kids, this man is a professional.

5. Burger Hack

Burger Hack

You drove all the way to Burger King. That's more than enough exercise for today.

6. Pet Hack

Pet Hack

It's called dog walking, not people walking.

7. Babysitting Hack

Babysitting Hack

This man isn't lazy, this man is a genius.

8. Bread Hack

Bread Hack

Because some mornings, even toast feels like too much effort.

9. Gas Hack

Gas Hack

OK, so this probably takes more effort than actually getting out of the car. But sometimes laziness is more about leveling up with creativity xp.

10. TV Hack

TV Hack

No remote control? No Problem?