Amazing Closeups Of The Human Eye

This series of photographs brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "

1. Who's Suren Manvelyan?

Who's Suren Manvelyan?

Suren Manvelyan's photographic project, 'Your Beautiful Eyes' showcases extreme closeup images of the human eye.

2. A Different Planet

A Different Planet

'Your Beautiful Eyes' has currently had 3,813,199 views on Behance and it also has over 83,000 likes, making it one of Manvelyan's most popular projects.

3. Not Just A Photographer

Not Just A Photographer

Suren Manvelyan isn't just a famous photographer! The talented Armenian has also enjoyed teaching physics, mathematics, projective geometry and astronomy at the Yerevan Waldorf School.

4. Baby Blues

Baby Blues

You've got to admit, these macro images of the human eye are amazing! We've never seen an eye quite as blue as this stunner.

5. The Colors Of Earth

The Colors Of Earth

Up close, this human eye is mesmerizing, and we cannot help but be reminded of the stunning colors of our Earth.

6. Not So Hazel

Not So Hazel

From a further distance, this eye would seem hazel. However, a closer inspection shows a not-so-nice 'burnt butter' color.

7. Crevices


You'd be forgiven for thinking that the human eye is a level surface! A closeup of this eye reveals crevices and plant-like structures.

8. Snake Eyes

Snake Eyes

This pupil reminds us of the colorings of snakeskin! Suren Manvelyan's project celebrates the uniqueness of something we often take for granted - the human eye.

9. Desert Land

Desert Land

No one can deny that this pupil looks like a desert closeup - Crazy! It's true that no two human eyes are exactly the same.

10. Speckled


This closeup image of a human eye really puts things into perspective (see what we did there?). Just look at those orange speckles!