Awesome Photos of Animals Doing Human Things

Animals doing human

1. Hug It Out

Hug It Out

'Awww. You need a hug? C'mere and give me one, buddy. Out here in the wild, nobody's a sissy for wanting a hug. We all have feelings. I like my humans tender. Tender and juicy.'

2. The Pre-Tech Generation

The Pre-Tech Generation

So why haven't they eaten the darn thing already?

3. Surf's Up

Surf's Up

An alpaca hits the waves to show that hooves belong on land and at sea. Next up, he's going to learn skydiving to prove that alpacas are masters of the air as well.

4. Mouse Mamma

Mouse Mamma

The only rodent known for adopting across species, this desperate mouse mother has taken home a teddy bear.

5. After Work

After Work

'Whew! That's a load off my feet. This isn't slacking, this is a well deserved break.

6. Boarding Bird

Boarding Bird

He started out mooching rides but has since learned to propel himself. Since his legs don't reach the ground, he uses the momentum from his flight to give himself a boost. Props!

7. Work Like a Dog

Work Like a Dog

'Can't you see I'm busy? If you have nothing better to do, why don't you get me a refill? I'm almost out.' Yeah, yeah, dog. We know you're just surfing DailyPix.

8. Kicking Cockerels

Kicking Cockerels

Roosters compete in more than just cockfights. These two Chinese roosters have been having one on one soccer matches. As fervent fans of the sport, they've been trying to recruit some chicks to form a little league (and some other chicks to be cheerleaders), but there has been a shortage of soccer roosters, so it remains a two-bird sport.

9. Catching Rays

Catching Rays

This sunbathing dog ought to stick his face under the umbrella. His mug is getting awfully dark there. What's he checking out that's making him lick his chops? Don't chicks usually frequent sandy beaches?

10. Drinking Dog

Drinking Dog

The benefit to having a wrinkly, droopy face is that he doesn't get carded. He has a little problem with 'no shirt, no shoes, no service', however. Get some clothes on!