Baby Foxes Are Just Like Baby Humans

The truth behind the startling similarities bet

1. They Yawn!

They Yawn!

They get sleepy too! No word yet on if it's contagious. But probably, it's science.

2. They Walk On Two Legs!

They Walk On Two Legs!

Like human babies, baby foxes may appear to only walk on all fours, BUT DON'T LET THEM FOOL YOU. It just means they're ready to pounce on you.

3. Has Crazy Hair & Creepy Eyes!

Has Crazy Hair & Creepy Eyes!

Not all human babies are cute. Some look creepy. JUST LIKE FOXES!

4. They Kiss Things!

They Kiss Things!

Much like their human counterparts, baby foxes are known for their flirtatious behavior. LOOK OUT! No doesn't mean no when you don't know what no means.

5. They Fit Anywhere!

They Fit Anywhere!

We've heard stories of these tiny creatures fitting in baseball caps and even coffee mugs. Be careful, they may be lurking anywhere.

6. Are Nudists!

Are Nudists!

That's right, they have no shame. PUT ON A DIAPER YOU SICK BASTARD.

7. Born with Evil Twin!

Born with Evil Twin!

Is two really better than one? And which one's which? Trust no one.

8. Suffer From Child Obesity

Suffer From Child Obesity

Folks, this sick disease affects foxes and humans alike. Please help us raise awareness. #nochubsallowed

9. Lounge Around Seductively!

Lounge Around Seductively!

Don't let yourself be taking in by these slick casanovas. Sure they look nice, but it's all part of the game. Sick.

10. They Hang With The Bros!

They Hang With The Bros!

Sometimes all you need is some naked time with one of the bros. DON'T JUDGE US.