Sleeping Couples Positions Show How Hot You Are

Look familiar?

1. The Cold War

The Cold War

We don't need no sheets. No you take them, No YOU TAKE THEM. The pillows in between make it almost impossible to hit on your bedtime partner. But on the other hand those pillows make it almost impossible to hit your partner during your rage dreams.

2. The Pervert

The Pervert

She's the pervert in this position, but he's got the short end of the stick (or no stick at all). Shhh....let it happen.

3. Heat Wave

Heat Wave

The heat wave, for 9/12 months out of the year this may be the way you feel it. It may be time to move things into the shower.

4. The Butterfly

The Butterfly

The butterfly is how it usually ends up, back to back, spooning our own pillows. Just as nature intended. #sexaftermarriage

5. Pillow Of Heaven

Pillow Of Heaven

This is the way everyone wishes it was but alas, here's how it is. What does that mean? Who cares. When you've got a pillow of heaven the only thing you need to worry about is getting a primary pillow of earth to keep her from fidgeting.

6. The Insomniac

The Insomniac

He sleeps while she tweets. Quite a position. #tweetyourdreams #internetwife

7. The Hair Monster

The Hair Monster

Kind of the opposite of the insomniac, this one will keep him up all night. It's nothing some good sleeping pills can't fix. For two months.

8. The Octopus

The Octopus

When he has a bad dream he may try the "Octopus", and there's no way out.