The Human Chameleon

Chinese artist liu Bolin wow's us with his huma

1. He's Gone Gondola

He's Gone Gondola

Chinese artist Liu Bolin trekked all the way to Italy for this magnificent shutter speed moment. You know what they say, "When in Venice, disappear completely!"

2. Silent Audience Member

Silent Audience Member

Don't you just hate it when folks talk during a movie? Liu doesn't have that problem; he just rocks the chatty offender to sleep on his lap.

3. No Trespassing

No Trespassing

Can't seem to find the chameleon? Here's a hint: He has impaled himself with paint.

4. Be Still, Locomotion

Be Still, Locomotion

Here's Liu doubling as a human bumper for this train car. The white arrow gives him up.

5. Hold the Sneeze

Hold the Sneeze

Glad he's not allergic to those flowers. One sneeze and the shot would have been completely ruined.

6. It's A Dirty Job

It's A Dirty Job

Liu gave a few construction workers a day off for this shot. Do you see him?

7. Sodie Pop

Sodie Pop

Liu should stop drinking so much soda. You are what you drink, in this case.

8. Lazy Liu

Lazy Liu

Who knew that Liu was so lazy? Boy, the lengths some guys go through to avoid having to put in their share of the work.

9. Buddha, Please...

Buddha, Please...

Those Buddha statues have nothing on Liu. He's stiller than even these centuries-old relics!

10. Wallflower


These may be dance party photos documenting how much of a wallflower Liu can be. The lovely lady understands, but the policeman is forcing Liu to bust a move on the dance floor.