Totally Bizarre Facts about the Human Body

Strange facts about your body you proba

1. Blushing Babe

Blushing Babe

You've heard the term "blushing babe" but if you think of it, you've never actually seen one blush. Babies do not yet feel embarrassment. According to studies by Emory University, a child will not begin to blush until about three years old on average. This is a critical time when human develop a sense of social skills and feel the fear of social rejection. Simply put, babies do not blush. Not because they are incapable, but because they just haven't learned to be embarrassed yet!

2. Hunger Hearing

Hunger Hearing

We all know some of the obvious effects of overeating. Things like weight gain and discomfort but did you know that when you eat too much, your hearing becomes less sharp for a brief period of time? Some foods can even cause problems of concentration, focus and memory if consumed too much.

3. Mineral Minds

Mineral Minds

The higher your intelligence level, the more zinc and copper will be found in your hair. At least this is the claim being made from some studies. The jury is still out on this myth as it may be determined by IQ but other forms of intelligence such as creativity have not been studied.

4. Reheat that for You?

Reheat that for You?

Our bodies take an incredible amount of energy to function efficiently. However, it works most effectively internally. To heat a cup of coffee, for example, it would take the energy from yelling for eight years, seven months and six days!

5. Blink Once for Yes, Two for No

Blink Once for Yes, Two for No

The average person blinks about 4,200,000 times a year. On average, most blink about 10 times every minute. Women who use oral contraceptives blink a considerably larger amount than men do. 32% more, to be exact although no one is sure why.

6. Bachelor's Early End

Bachelor's Early End

Unmarried men tend to have shorter lives. Staying single into elderly age can reduce a man’s life by an average of 10 years. After a study on 4,800 people born during the 1940s, those who were single during middle age increased the risk of early death from natural causes. Guess the bachelor life catches up to us all!

7. Washington Weed

Washington Weed

Although everyone claims weed scrambles the brain, it does not effect it long-term. The short-term effects of smoking it include immediate but temporary changes in thoughts and processing. Bet you didn't know that the first U.S. president George Washington used to grow it in his garden!

8. Permanent Darkness

Permanent Darkness

If you are in total darkness for more than three days, it is possible to go blind and never regain sight. Of course, this is not always the case for everyone. The odds of this happening are very slim but in some cases, the body tries to adapt to the setting and while some would feel this might heighten the sense, it really is more likely to lead to blindness.

9. Miracle Moles

Miracle Moles

You know that beauty mark you've always had? That visible mole you've always been a little self-conscious about or that beauty mark you've never found appealing? It turns out that a person with more moles tends to live longer than those with only a few. Skin moles have been linked to a delayed aging process. Most people have about 30 moles but some have as many as 600 and these are the people who are in it for a long, healthy life according to research from Kings College London.

10. Youngest Mother

Youngest Mother

The youngest person to give birth was five years old! Her name is Linda Medina, today she is 80 years old and lives in Peru. She was brought to the hospital for increasing abdominal size thought to be a tumor which was later revealed to be a baby. The child was raised by her parents as her little brother but learned the truth at the age of 10.