Take time and look close
Via: Likes.com

1. This Man Has a Hand

This Man Has a Hand

IS his hand cut off at the wrist?? Nope . . .

2. Not Triple-X

Not Triple-X

We don't know what that is, but it's not what you think it is.

3. Super-Duper Long Arms!

Super-Duper Long Arms!

No, this teen isn't a freak and doesn’t really have long, long arms.

4. Careful Baby!

Careful Baby!

It's all just a toy train set-up, this is actually perfectly safe.

5. Weird Hybrid?

Weird Hybrid?

This dog doesn’t really have two heads.

6. This Guy

This Guy

He’s clever, but is not really hovering above the pavement.

7. Cafe Reflections

Cafe Reflections

This headless woman actually has a head.

8. This Dad

This Dad

Whoa. . . Okay, that’s not an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction.

9. On The Beach

On The Beach

That boy is not naked for goodness sakes!

10. What Is She Doing?

What Is She Doing?

Nope, she's not a woman with a foot-hand.


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