The truth hits ev

1. Wearing Hoodies

Wearing Hoodies

Hoodies are cool and mysterious, you think? That's if you don't look like a troll from the underworld..

2. Sleeping Pretty?

Sleeping Pretty?

Oh no, not with your gob opened..

3. Life of Pi (2012)

Life of Pi (2012)

You can have the same fearless attitude as Patel, but fear of a fierce house cat? Kitty seems surprised?

4. Batman For Halloween?

Batman For Halloween?

Which superhero would you like to save you. . . The one with super-dog or super-brew?

5. In The Snow

In The Snow

You think you'll be bundled, warm and yet fashionable, BUT it's freakin' cold, so you look like an Eskimo..

6. Cutting Your Own Bangs

Cutting Your Own Bangs

Why some of us have scissor phobia!

7. Boobs


Everyone has seen this trick, seriously just don't do!

8. You See A Hot Girl..

You See A Hot Girl..

You think, "..don't get too excited and try not to look like a perv" Nope.

9. Candy Lip Makeup

Candy Lip Makeup

You like the idea but can't stop licking. . . you end up eating all the candy and making a mess.

10. Hair Sculpture

Hair Sculpture

You try this arty hair idea and your friends ask you, "Dude, what the hell happened?"


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