30 Portraits Of Amazing People Of The World From My ‘The World In Faces’ Project

Hi! My name is Alexander Khimushin. Eight years ago I packed my backpack to travel the world and I have been globe-trotting ever since.

While travelling the world, I realised that people are the most amazing part of it.
By: Alexander Khimushin
Source: BoredPanda.com

1. Ixil Maya Girl

Ixil Maya Girl

2. Samoan Boy

Samoan Boy

3. Daasanach Tribe Woman

Daasanach Tribe Woman

4. Wakhi Woman

Wakhi Woman

5. Bodi Tribe Man

Bodi Tribe Man

6. Shughnan Girl

Shughnan Girl

7. Tsemay Tribe Girl

Tsemay Tribe Girl

8. Japanese Girl

Japanese Girl

9. Mauritanian Girl

Mauritanian Girl

10. Karo Tribe Woman

Karo Tribe Woman

11. Mursi Tribe Girl

Mursi Tribe Girl

12. Hamar Tribe Woman

Hamar Tribe Woman

13. Nyangatom Tribe Woman

Nyangatom Tribe Woman

14. Sahrawi Man

Sahrawi Man

15. Djibouti Girl

Djibouti Girl