Irritated By Hiccups? Press These Points To Get Rid Of Them Immediately

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1. The Hiccups Suck

The Hiccups Suck

Hiccups could possibly be the most annoying thing your body does on a it can be cause by drinking ANYTHING!

2. Hold Your Breath

Hold Your Breath

Many hiccups only last a few minutes before leaving, but some stay for what seems like forever. Sure holding your breath works, but it's not 100%

3. The Cure

The Cure

Placing a finger on your upper lip ridge while hiccuping will instantly cure you. Press firmly for 30 seconds.

4. Sternum Trick

Sternum Trick

Another is to find the center part of your sternum and apply pressure for 30 seconds, allowing the hiccups to disappear.

5. Pubic Area

Pubic Area

There's also a pressure point between your belly button and pubic bone, and can help if you're lying on your back pressing for 30 seconds.