New Unexplained Google Earth Photos

The unsettling photos keep pouring in from Google Earth. There's even Google Moon.

1. Tossing a Dead Body

Tossing a Dead Body

This creepy image remains unexplained. Whatever is going on down there isn't good.

2. Woman Being Kidnapped

Woman Being Kidnapped

This is a very disturbing screenshot. The sad thing about finding things like this on Google Earth is that those people are long gone. And the woman...she's dead.

3. Sea Monster?

Sea Monster?

This strange image was captured on April 9, 2016 near Deception Island in the South Shetland Islands of Antarctica. This is not a picture of part of the island, or a boat making waves. It's just...THERE. Scientists don't know what it is, but they think it could be what made a huge "bloob" sound under the ocean in 1997.

4. Truck and Possible UFO?

Truck and Possible UFO?

What's an unidentified NOT flying-but-looks-like-it-could- Object? Whatever this strange craft is, Google ain't sayin' jack about it.

5. Ancient iPod Ad

Ancient iPod Ad

This natural landform in Alberta, Canada looks amazingly like a Native American wearing a classic headdress. Kinda looks like he's got some earbuds on too. The natives didn't have bluetooth beats know.

6. Huge Man on Horse Across the Mountains

Huge Man on Horse Across the Mountains

The land seems to have naturally formed into the shape of a man riding a horse. Look how it compares to the size of the trees. Who could possibly create that?

7. Pants Down

Pants Down

You can even see underneath women's jeans. That's how powerful Google is.

8. Anti-Gravity Car

Anti-Gravity Car

We know the military has advanced technology. We just didn't think it was parked on the side of the office building.

9. Swim in Lake of Blood

Swim in Lake of Blood

Sadr City in Iraq has a blood-red lake that no one can explain. It looks like a building, but nope. You could go swimming in there.